Arcade Racer

For this project, I had to design a race track for an arcade-style racer at advanced greybox quality. The length of the track needed to be between 2 and 3 minutes and separated into three unique regions. The entire track needed to be designed properly, with enough time for act-recover-react moments. I started with a diagram and worked through creating a full Level Design Document which I then used to create a final track. The track was created using pre-made module track pieces and everything else was created by me.



Level Design: Halo 5 Forge Map

This is my first serious level design attempt in Halo 5’s Forge level editor. I’ve messed around in Forge every since Bungie introduced it with Halo 3, but this is my first level for Halo 5. I focused on a semi-asymmetrical layout, where each side has similar times to get to power weapons, but the power weapons are different for each side. The key feature of the map is the crashed dropship near the middle. I tried to give it the impression of being damaged by adding a few particle effects that show the engines on fire, and one that has a periodic explosion. Below is a video of me running through it quickly.