Trails of a Bead

This is a fairly simple design. We were instructed to use Perlenspiel to create a game that could designated as a “toy.” That is, it doesn’t have any real end to it. The arrow keys will move the light blue block while the other four each have their own way of reacting to the movement. Moving to the same location as one of the other moving blocks will reset it to its original position.

A screenshot after a couple minutes of play

A screenshot after a couple minutes of play

To play, download the game.html and game.js file from the Dropbox link, then double-click the game.html file.


The Beginning…

Welcome to my online portfolio! I am working to become a Game Designer, and this site will have work I’ve done while studying at Full Sail University and beyond. This site will be an ongoing work-in-progress and I’ll do my best to update it as I go.