Unreal Development Kit

TDoS Supply Depot Asset

So this is a basic asset that I created while working on the final project at Full Sail University that I completely forgot to post to this portfolio! It was intended to function essentially as a loot box, giving the play a random module or two after destroying it. I modeled 2 separate assets, the first being an individual crate and the second being the station that holds them. They aren’t anything particularly fancy, but I created them entirely from UDK’s BSP brushes. They system for editing them is a little clunky when trying to make anything really detailed, but I feel like these came out pretty well, all things considered.


One-Month Prototype

As the title suggests, we had one month to take a Game Design Document from a group of students a few months ahead of us and make a prototype showcasing all of the major mechanics in the game. This included things like falling rocks that do damage, changing attributes to the player character by switching between states and charging enemies. For the most part, we were able to get everything up and running. The charging enemy AI was giving us (and our instructors) some problems, but we figured out a work-around. This being a prototype, it didn’t need to be perfect. It just needed to show that the mechanics were possible. The members of the group were myself, Carlos Medellin, Erik Midkiff, Andrew Montgomery, John Owen and Adam Sasso. Below is a video playthrough.


Here is a link to the Dropbox folder containing the install file


The Clinic

The Clinic is an environment created by myself and four other team members for our level design course. We decided to go for a sort of dark feel for the overall design. Each team member had one section of the level, with an announcement displaying the name of the person that worked on the area. The story behind the level is that the player is dropped in an alley and proceeds to a clinic that wasn’t exactly official. They are tasked with finding some syringes and will find several on their way through the building. Eventually the player gets to the back door of a convenience store, which is fronting the clinic. Outside the player is instructed to get to the helicopter and the level ends. The level isn’t perfect, it certainly could use some more polishing, but we were proud of it.

This is a video playthrough of the level

And here is a link to the Dropbox folder containing the files needed to install the level and play it yourself! Just be sure that when you launch the game, you click on “Instant Action”, the number of opponents is 0, the time limit is 0, and the map is “TeamAsparagus_TheClinic”